" xml:lang="da"> Anthropos Ecclesia Danish

One undivided Biune Trinity
Den tofoldige treenighed : far, gom og søn samt mor, brud og datter.

Man and Woman
Father, Spouse, Son and Mother, Bride, Daugther

Love and Truth
Will, Feeling, Thought and Body, Soul, Spirit

Life is Will in the Body

Love is Feeling in the Soul

Truth is Thought in the Spirit

Life is not Death or Corpse

Love is not War or Shame

Truth is not Lie or Honour

The Evil:

Death, War and Lie
Corpse, Shame and Honour

Death is Will without Body

Corpse is Body without Will

War is Feeling without Soul

Shame is Soul without Feeling

Lie is Thought without Spirit

Honour is Spirit without Thought